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Here at 2nds World, you will find the biggest names in the appliances world at the best prices. We are Australia’s leading supplier of factory second items and are open 7 days a week, and even on public holidays. We have been saving our customers a lot of money for 35 years and, as an Australian owned and operated business, we are determined to ensure that customers across the country have access to the best discounts out there.
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Bottom Mount Fridges at Bargain Basement Prices

When it comes to your kitchen, the fridge you use should be right for how you use it. Bottom mount fridges offer those who use less frozen foods the products they want at eye-level as and when they want them, with no hunching required. This makes them an ideal choice for those who have back issues, or trouble with their legs.

Things are much easier to reach and with double doors, this can give a sense of an enormity of space, and add that extra dimension to your kitchen. When space is limited they certainly make an impression when open and best of all tuck away neatly again.

The Best Bottom Mount Fridges for Less, Always

When you shop at 2nds World, be it in one of our stores in Sydney, or at our new location in Melbourne, or if you are an online shopper, you will find our range of items colour coded to distinguish between the different factory second categories. This ensures that you know exactly the kind of saving you are making and can choose the category that best fits your agenda.

While we are known as a factory seconds retailer, the reality is that we also stock and sell brand new appliances that come directly from the manufacturer. Despite being new we are able to pass on the savings we make when we acquire them to the customer, to ensure that if you prefer to buy new we have the option available to you, and at highly competitive prices. Be on the lookout for appliances that have a green pricing ticket.

Buy Your Bottom Mount Fridge Online at 2nds World

Their pink price ticket denotes appliances that are offered at a discounted rate due to carton damage. Typically the packaging was compromised during transportation in such cases and more often than not the product was not damaged. Orange price tickets are for items that were refurbished by the manufacturer after serving as display models, or to correct a fault that presented when they were first sent out. These are, of course, in perfect working condition now.

Blue pricing tickets are for items known as new run out appliances. They are brand new, but the model may have been superseded or is an end of the line model. Finally, yellow tickets are for factory second appliances, which may bear cosmetic blemishes, or were factory re-worked. As with all of the appliances we stock, these are fit for purpose and come with the supplier’s warranty included.

So, when you want to find a range of bottom mount fridges and will only settle for the biggest names in the market at the lowest prices, then look no further than 2ndsWorld.com.au.
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Bottom Mount Fridges

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