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Buying a new fridge might not inspire the most excitement in those who either are moving into a new home or simply replacing their old model. However, while most people will conjure the image a simple unit that has a couple of out swinging doors, there are other options that offer a little bit more style and flair and can really add that extra dimension to your kitchen.
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French Door Fridges with Super Cool Price Tags

French door fridges are a little less conventional than traditional fridge freezer designs. What makes them at once interesting and unique are double doors that part and open out the entire space within giving a sense of total immersion, while also making everything stored within immediately visible. They are similar in ways to wardrobes in their design, and depending on the specific model you choose, offer ample freezer space in either one or two cabinets beneath.

Homeowners usually assume that these appliances are much more expensive and unattainable to the average shopper, however, when you shop right here at 2nds World the best brands at the best prices are always on offer. Our goal is to make sure that you can affordably kit out your kitchen without compromising on quality.

We Sell the Best French Door Fridges Online Australia Wide

Over the last 35 years, we at 2nds World have established ourselves as the leading factory seconds retailer in Australia. We offer genuine factory second, new run out, factory refurbished and carton damaged appliances that we have acquired directly from the manufacturers, all of which come complete with supplier warranties. In addition to these items, we also have a line of brand new appliances available at highly competitive prices.

Our significant buying power enables us to pass the savings on to our customers. So, whether it’s a brand new item or a factory second, you can have confidence that the appliances that we sell are in perfect working condition.

What a French Door Fridge Does for Your Space

Space is something that we seldom get a whole lot more of once we settle into our homes and in the kitchen, it is important to make the best use of that space. French door fridges allow you to maximise the efficiency of the space you allot for storing foods that need to be kept cool and at the same time allow you to arrange them in a manner that is convenient to your family.

They are also a wonderful choice if you want to give the impression of having more space than you actually do. Opening both doors expands the whole inside of the appliance and makes it seem as if a world of food and drinks are stored inside.

The style is one of the main features that those who love these fridges the most rave about. They make a serious impression on visitors and if you are environmentally conscious they can be viewed as good energy conservers.

Buy Your French Door Fridge Online at 2nds World

Simply by choosing to open just one door instead of two allows less of the cold out, which means the compressor has less energy to use in order to get the whole fridge back to its optimum temperature.

At 2ndsWorld.com.au, you can save hundreds of dollars on big brand names, which will open up a world of possibilities for your kitchen. You can pay more and get less on the high street, or drop into us in Melbourne or Sydney, or order right here online and get a much cooler deal on that French door fridge.
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French Door Fridges

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7 Products found