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What is a Factory 2nd?

Factory 2nd appliances may have a cosmetic blemish, be factory re-worked, an ex-display model or just have a tiny ding. Factory Refurbished appliances may be a demonstration model or factory reworked or refurbished by the supplier. Appliances are in perfect working order.

2nds World provides a product condition report for all Factory 2nd and Factory Refurbished appliances before delivery. If the Condition Report* does not meet your expectations please refer to our staff who can recommend alternate solutions.

At 2nds World, all products have a colour coded price tag that instantly shows you how you can save.

"Choose the way you save" on Factory 2nds (Yellow Price Ticket), Carton Damaged (Pink Price Ticket), New Run Out (Blue Price Ticket), Factory Refurbished (Orange Price Ticket) and Brand New appliances (Green Price Ticket).

The videos below show you how to "Choose the way you save".

All 2nds World products come with a full supplier warranty.

2nds World is Australia's leading Factory 2nds Appliance retailer offering "Great Brands for Less" and has been helping bargain hunters save for over 35 years.




Factory 2nd Appliances
Appliances in perfect working order, they may have a cosmetic blemish, be factory reworked, an ex display model, or just have a 'tiny ding' incurred during transit.

Carton Damaged Appliances
Brand new appliances, only the carton has been damaged during transit.

New Run Out Appliances
Brand new appliances, superceded, run out, or end of line models.

Factory Refurbished Appliances
A demonstration model, factory reworked or refurbished product.

Brand New Appliances
Brand new appliances straight from the manufacturer at very competitive prices.

*You have the option to cancel your order with a full refund if the condition report does not meet your expectations. Condition Reports cannot be supplied without an order as there may be multiple items of the same product which may all vary in their condition. No condition report for small appliances.